Sunday, December 9, 2012

Well, We're Living Here In Allentown: Pissed Jeans - "Bathroom Laughter" (Sub Pop)

One of the great things about Punk Rock is that it hasn't really progressed/digressed much sound-wise since it's late 1970-80's inception. I mean, most 21st Century Punks honestly don't sound all THAT different than pioneers like Iggy & The Stooges or Black Flag. So, I think it's all about sprinkling in personality and a dash of slight progress [style]. Allentown-based Pissed Jeans are kinda a hard band to label... Like is it Hard Rock? Hardcore? Sludge Metal? Indie Rock? Pigfuck? My insanely knowledgeable buddy, Jason Morroni basically coined the term "Power Thrash" through text earlier tonight and I'm just gonna go a head and run with that ha. The Jeans took about a 5-year break to "live life" a little bit and then re-formed over the summer to record Honeys with Alex Newport, which'll be out Feb. 12th on Sub Pop.

"Bathroom Laughter" is out first LEGIT taste of the album, a collection that Sub Pop fittingly describes as "a recorded loop of a marching band being pushed down a waterslide, with added distortion." While not a whole lot more than "in the kitchen crying ... You're in the hallway screaming" is audible, you can just sense the sheer pain and teenage adult angst in frontman/insurance claims adjuster Matt Korvette's growl; Maybe it's a little early to tell, but I'm betting that Honeys is gonna be an instant classic, swift-hit-to-the-face Hardcore Punk album! I've also included "False Jesii, Part 2" from King of Jeans (2009) and it's video just features Pissed Jeans Rockin' out while a bunch of hotties try their best to dance along to the music ha. If you wanna download some Pissed Jeans mp3's but already started pinching pennies for Christmas, head on over to Sub Pop to get 5 FREE Power Thrash tracks!

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