Thursday, November 21, 2013

Give Me One Reason: Action Bronson & Party Supplies - "Amadu Diablo" (Unplugged)

While it kinda looks like it could've been made fro about $20-30, Action Bronson & Party Supplies' new VHS-indebted "Amadu Diablo" video is really nothing more than an endearing (albeit weed-fueled) tribute to the long-forgotten glory days of MTV; Rik Cordero self-desribed it as "found footage from the 90's now playing @ComplexMag" aka Blue Chips 2 Unplugged aka MTV Unplugged. "Amadu Diablo" starts off with producer Party Supplies (Justin Nealis) wielding an acoustic guitar seated across from Bronson himself, long skinny joint in hand. Action Bronson 1/2 sings 1/2 raps "Amadu Diablo" while Nealis haphazardly strums along: "Every day I'm walking with my head up / Don't let up cause it's a set-up / Like Albanian marriage, from Haiti to Paris / The bath was 90 degrees / Tapping Heinies with ease (shit!)" The track slowly morphs into "Give Me One Reason," the 1990's era Tracy Chapman hit which it also samples, at some point and then into a pseudo-version of "Freefallin.'" Blue Chips 2 is available online now and trust me, it's an absolute monstrosity of an anti-Hip-Hop album, in the best way humanly possible; we're talkin' about crazy-ass samples from "Tequila," Van Halen, John Cougar-Mellencamp, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel (all on one track!), Isaac Hayes, random TV commericlas, Elton John, etc. Rik Cordero's recent Blue Chips 2 teaser finally gives some much needed context to Patrick Ewing's infamous missed lay-up heard 'round the world during the titular moments of the Eastern Conference Finals, Game 7 (1995).

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