Monday, November 11, 2013

White Denim & The Bottom Dollar String Band - "Pretty Green Mash" (Downtown Records)

Purchased on a whim and the sheer strength of two Southern-fried rockin' Blues-Funk teaser singles, White Denim's recently released sixth album, Corsicana Lemonade is without a doubt one of this past year's late-blooming sleeper hits; While I've always seen White Denim's name strewn across various Indie Rock-leaning blogs (especially Gorilla vs. Bear), I'd never really given the Austin-based band a legitimate shot. It's just a solid, no frills 10-track Rock "N" Roll album that's equal parts Black Keys and Creedence (with some added Psych-Rock flavor). But in true Southern Rock fashion, White Denim recruited The Bottom Dollar String Band for "Pretty Green Mash," a reduced version of their lead Corsicana Lemonade single. From what I understand, the track's included on a "Pretty Green" online/tour-exclusive 10" EP, along with B-sides "Under mi Pretty Green" and rough album closer "[Looking for] a Place to Start."

Although, White Denim's re-recorded "Pretty Green Mash" is more along the lines pre-electric Bob Dylan or even Mumford & Sons; their new partners in crime, Bottom Dollar String Band, hail from "the hills of Central Texas," as well and was formed in 2011. Founding members Hunter Hollingsworth & John Moore [supposedly] started the band with only two instruments, mandolin and banjo, and soon recruited hometown buddies Devon Canady, John Ohlinger, and Ben Lemay. I can't honestly say that I've heard a whole lot of White Denim's semi-lengthy discography, aside from FREE-releases like James Petralli's Tascam Port-studio CD-R (2012) and their Last Day of Summer out-takes collection (2010). But if the rest of the band's older albums sound anything remotely like Corsicana Lemonade, they're poised to be some absolute guitar Funk-ified scorchers!

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