Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Funny or Die & Mallard Air Present: Chromeo - "Frequent Flyer" (Last Gang)

First, it was their suspiciously unprofessional @MallardAir Twitter handle, vaguely Street Boners-esque Chromeo's Airport Styles Instagram page, and their recently-announced 36-date Frequent Flyer Tour; all of this kinda seemed like an elaborate promotional campaign for Chromeo's latest White Women single, coincidentally titled "Frequent Flyer" or a possible tour with brother-band, Duck Sauce. Just this past Monday, Dave 1 & P-Thugg have teamed up with Funny or Die to present a hilarious Mallard Air in-flight safety video that dually functions as a music video for, you guessed it... "Frequent Flyer." The Funk Lordz bring their self-described and critically-acclaimed brand of "Larry David Funk" to Mallard's above average airline safety video, which includes precautionary guidelines like "in the event of a water landing, disco floor lights will illuminate the way." One extremely lucky Mallard flight attendant, of course flanked by Chromeo's two devilishly good-looking leading men, runs through necessary procedures like oxygen masks, inflatable life vests, emergency exits, "pretty dope" detachable slide/rafts, seat belt-fastening, and plenty of mid-flight dancing and canoodling. Interestingly enough, "Frequent Flyer" is actually the first album single unleashed since White Women's May release; "Over Your Shoulder," "Come Alive," "Sexy Socialite," and "Jealous (I Ain't with It)" were leaked months prior, even as early as October 2013. White Women is now available for your listening pleasure, in case you're looking for a Funky fresh airport terminal or mid-air layover soundtrack and please, don't forget to "Fly Safe [and] Stay Funky!"

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