Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday: Jonwayne & J Dilla - "No" (Stones Throw FREEBIE)

"Tired of [people] making this an issue of anything but the music. While you were spending time looking pretty, I was working on my craft," self-proclaimed neck-beard rapper @jonwayne recently sounded off on Twitter; "I can lose weight, cut my hair, trim my beard, get a tan.... none of that is going to make me a better emcee or producer. So, shut the f*ck up." Stones Throw sums up another recent Twitter-based turn of events pretty simply, "He made the announcement [Sunday] night, and here's the track. Simple as that. See you next week." Jonwayne effortlessly laces up 32 bars over an unspecified J Dilla beat, which he's re-dubbed "No" aka the first in a newly-announced Monday afternoon freestyles series. It was preceded last week by an unofficial starter track, "Special Herbs Medley," wherein Jonwayne rapped over 20 cut-and-pasted DOOM instrumentals in just under five minutes. While Dilla's characteristically off-beat instrumental drops in and out, Jonwayne seems to be warding off the haters: "You may lie to yourself, but unlike you, I can't put my d*ck on the shelf. I got a gut. That's where I'm hidin' my spells, but when I'm on the mic I'm just a picture of health... Yeah, you know I got more funk in my prose than all the f*ckin' farts that you ever smelled through your nose. So, who gives a sh*t if I'm rockin' sandals at shows; I'm f*ckin' in 'em, too. Now you know!" "No" was unleashed just in time to perfectly coincide with Stones Throw's Cassette On Vinyl, a re-mastered and hand-selected compilation pulled from Jonwayne's critically-acclaimed lo-fi Cassette 1-3 seriess, which just so happens to be out today. Just one day after he let loose "No," Jonwayne's back with yet another new track today; "America, The Beautiful," the lead single off fellow Stones Throw emcee Homeboy Sandman's forthcoming album, HALLWAYS, which they resourcefully commissioned Jonwayne to produced.

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