Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sugar Tongue Slim, Butta-N-Bizkit & DJ Schoolie V Discuss Forming Their OutKast & The Roots-inspired Band, "I Ain't Got It" & Having "a NAC for Making Good Music" (The Witzard Interview)

I'm almost positive that I myself, like many unknowing listeners, first heard the ferocious rhyming talents of Sugar Tongue Slim (STS) on The Roots' "Auto-Tune Baby"-borrowing How I Got Over (2010) bonus track, "Hustla;" an intriguing concoction produce by ?uestlove & Diplo, which was formerly inter-woven amidst an early M.I.A. & Prince Zimboo-assisted Major Lazer composition befittingly titled "Baby" (Switch Remix). STS would self-release three volumes of his critically-acclaimed GOLD Rush freestyles series and later go on to join Black Thought-fronted Money Makin' Jam Boys alongside fellow Roots affiliates Dice Raw, Truck North, and Greg Porn. It would appear as though MMJB's post-Prestige indefinite hiatus has seemingly inspired STS to go ahead and form his own genre-blending Roots-esque Hip-Hop band, NAC; "Cultivated in Philly and created in LA, NAC is a unique band that have written music for artist such as John Legend, Ciara, The Roots, and Yo Gotti. Influenced by groups like The Legendary Roots Crew, OutKast and Kid-N-Play, NAC is the refreshing spin that music has been looking for. Comprised of STS (Sugar Tongue Slim) who delivers catchy lyricism in his Atlanta fashion, the platinum-selling team B-N-B: Butta brings the keys and Bizkit bangs the drums with a yell/rap/sing type of style with his vocals, and newcomer producer and DJ Schoolie V." Now that we've all been properly introduced, please scroll down and proceed to thoroughly enjoy the interview included below, which I was collectively able to conduct with STS, Butta-N-Bizkit, and DJ Schoolie V via email in between the Soundcloud unveiling of NAC's debut single, "I Ain't Got It" and its recently premiered light-hearted, companion Netflix & Chill-reminiscent visuals.

I. What initially made you decide to form NAC; and with that said, was your earliest collaboration the first unofficial NAC recording?

NAC was formed when I (Sugar Tongue Slim) came out to LA in October of 2015. We all went in the studio to cut reference records, but they sounded like something that isn't being done right now. So, we decided to keep going and see what we came up with. We've got a NAC for making records, when put together as a group, especially. So yea, our first record as a band was [recorded in] October 2015.

II. What would you likely list as some of your greatest influences on your newly-minted NAC sound? it artist, albums, genres, etc?

OutKast, The Roots, and Kid-N-Play.

III. Would you care to talk for a moment about the creation, conception, and meaning behind your premiere single "I Ain't Got It" and its relationship to the recently popularized phrase "Netflix & Chill?"

"I Ain't Got It" is a fun record, very fun, like us haha... From production to hook to the lyrics, it all just came together. As far as Netflix & Chill, yea it's pretty much the theme song for it; when you ain't got it, that's what you do. Plus, [Bizkit] sound cool as Hell when he drops in with that "come on over baby, watch Netflix, and Chillllll."

IV. What would you say are likely your impending plans for the future of The NAC and what can we, as fans, look forward to?

[We're] working!!! Expect more music. Good music. Don't wanna say too much, but yea, [we're] just getting started. NAC is something we all believe in and are willing to work hard at.

V. What's the likelihood of NAC collaborating with The Money Making Jam Boys, The Roots, or any of your other okayplayer affiliates?

We are definitely open to collaborating with anyone–as a group, we would love to work with The Roots. That would be a pinnacle in all our careers, being that we are just four dudes from Philly with a NAC for making good music, thanks to where our Roots are [from]... haha see what I did right there?

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