Friday, December 16, 2016

Antonio "ANTWON" Williams Teams Up with Deafheaven Guitarist Kerry McCoy for "Changes" from Emo-Rap 25TH ST. SESSIONS Split 7-inch (Ghost Ramp)

"Kerry [McCoy] and I met at the last Caltrain stop in San Francisco, summer of 2012. Somewhat later on while working on Double Ecstasy, I asked Kerry to come in and make something for the record. He did and this became "Changes." Kerry said he had the riff forever in his head. My man Lars Stalfors helped us out overseeing and the rest was [history]," Antonio "ANTWON" Williams wrote within a recent "Changes"-premiering Noisey piece. ANTWON and Deafheaven guitarist Kerry McCoy previously collaborated on a live rendition of "(In) Dark Denim" from the album of the same name for a Converse Rubber Tracks: Ready, Set back in June 2013. Guitar Planet asked McCoy to name an artist whose music he loves that might come as a surprise to their readers, to which he responded, "we listen to a lot of Rap, which isn't really a surprising thing to anyone in my group of friends, but this seems to surprise a lot of people who like [Deafheaven's] music."

Deafheaven's latest ANTI- released album, New Bermuda (2015) was quite fittingly described by Rolling Stone as, a "boundary-pushing blend of Black Metal, Shoegaze, and Post-Rock" while ANTWON on the other hand, has been making a unique brand of Glitchy, Punk-influenced Biggie-informed Hip-Hop; "Changes," however, has a slightly more Emo-leaning sound... think maybe something along the lines of Classixx & T-Pain's Smiths-referencing "Whatever I Want" or Dashboard Confessional meets Lil' Wayne. "Antonio Williams // Kerry McCoy collaborate on 2 really unique tracks. Pressing very limited CREAM COLORED VINYL," Wavves frontman Nathan Williams' imprint, Ghost Ramp wrote on their web-store earlier this week, upon 25TH ST. SESSIONS sudden announcement. Prior to 25TH ST. SESSIONS' split 7-inch reveal, both ANTWON and Kerry McCoy released albums in recent months: Williams' Anticon-released Double Ecstasy EP and ANTI- unleashed Deafheaven's latest critically-acclaimed "Blackgaze" album, New Bermuda.

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