Monday, December 19, 2016

Peanut Butter Lovesicle Frontman Timmy Miller Lets Loose Queens of The Stone Age-influenced Solo Tracks, "Confess" & "Stronger Than The Wall" (The 303 Construct)

"Happy Friday people! Here is my newest track from 303 Construct, "Confess." It's a real toe-tapper and I hope you enjoy it nice and loud while you're... struttin' around on a FRIDAY!" Peanut Butter Lovesicle frontman Timmy Miller wrote within a rather tongue-in-cheek Facebook post this past Friday, December 16th. While his main band hasn't released any music since 2014's similarly-minded "Dragon Disease" (Miller and cousin Jake D'Arc released their Milky 22's EP back in 2015), sirtimmy-1 has slowly been leaking out nearly an album's-worth of material on his personal Soundcloud page over the course of the past two months or so; said project, The 303 Construct, will consist of 11 tracks and is set to explore a wide array of vocal styles, uncharted genres, and new-found instruments all played by Miller himself. "This one just has an awesome verse groove that goes into a much heavier chorus. Simple song, but I love the contrast between verse and chorus. I think they compliment one another in a very interesting way. It started with the heavy synth part you hear in the intro and I just started jamming to it on the drums. I've been listening to Queens of The Stone Age (QOTSA) lately and the unison bends I do on the guitar remind me of something [released by] Them Crooked Vultures or QOTSA," Timmy Miller wrote within a recent email detailing the creation and recording of "Confess."

"The unison bends have the song a totally different vibe, which helped in complimenting how much heavier the chorus is than the verse parts. The lyrics and vocal style on this song are probably my favorite out of all the songs I've done for this 303 Construct. There's truth behind them, I think. This idea that our current generation have a habit of getting sucked into our technology, phones in particular, and away from what's actually going on around us. I was stoked messing around with the chorus. I took a lot of different vocal approaches to it, but nothing struck me as something great. The more I listened to it, the more I envisioned someone in church having an intense spiritual vision; arms up, eyes closed, and just feeling it! Hence the "Oh Lord! I feel it now, I get it now...'" Miller continued. Timmy Miller is currently readying the 11th and final track yet to be released from The 303 Construct, "Stronger Than The Wall," which he plans to upload within a matter of days. He tells me he then plans to go back in and re-mix a few tracks over Christmas break and unveil a "New Year's 303 Construct official release." However, until then, Tracks #1-10 from The 303 Construct, which draw stylistic influence from everyone from Anderson.Paak to Queens of The Stone Age, are currently available for your unlimited streaming pleasure on Timmy Miller's personal Soundcloud page.

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