Thursday, April 27, 2017

DANGERDOOM Enlist The Roots Emcee Black Thought & Vincent "Vinny" Price for Previously Unreleased "Mad Nice" from THE MOUSE AND THE MASK 3xLP METALFACE Edition Re-issue (@grimeytapesnewportcigarettes Version)

"Back in 2005, super-producer Danger Mouse and Hip-Hop super-villain DOOM came together for THE MOUSE AND THE MASK, a collaborative album released under the name DANGERDOOM. Among DOOM's most successful projects both critically and commercially, the album was inspired by Cartoon Network's late-night [adult swim] programming slate and includes appearances from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost, Harvey Birdman, and more. THE MOUSE AND THE MASK also features guest spots from Talib Kweli, Ghostface Killah, and Cee-Lo Green," METALFACE Records wrote within a villainous statement; they're gearing up to unleash a 3xLP and deluxe CD edition of DANGERDOOM's critically-acclaimed first and last album, THE MOUSE AND THE MASK this upcoming May 5th. Let me make an attempt to best convey the musical climate THE MOUSE AND THE MASK was released into (albeit, on Punk/Hardcore label Epitaph Records)... prior to forming DANGERDOOM, Danger Mouse's last album was his The Beatles & Jay-Z-mashing The Grey Album (2004) and DOOM—then, still going by "MF DOOM"—had previously released his critically-acclaimed MM.. FOOD on Rhymesayers Ent. and how could we forget Madlib-produced MADVILLAINY?!!!??! To commemorate METALFACE Records' 12th anniversary deluxe re-issue of THE MOUSE AND THE MASK, I took it upon myself to enlist the rather unique artistic talents of self-described "The Visual Durlin Lurt" aka Hulk Cokegums, better known as Instagram artist @grimeytapesnewportcigrattes to re-design THE MOUSE AND THE MASK's iconic cover image in his unique Folk/outsider art style. You can now feast your eyes on the @grimeytapesnewportcigarettes re-interpretation of THE MOUSE AND THE MASK (METALFACE Edition) up above and compare it against the original METALFACE version within the Soundcloud window.

Ahead of their slightly expanded METALFACE Edition re-issue, DANGERDOOM have let loose a previously unreleased prime cut from the upcoming 3xLP and deluxe CD collection. The Roots emcee Black Thought and Vincent "Vinny" Price-assisted "Mad Nice" is one of "several bonus cuts not [included] on the original album;" while it's currently unclear what exactly the rest of these newly-dusted off bonus cuts may in fact be, THE MOUSE AND THE MASK (METALFACE Edition) will indeed include a high-quality audio re-mastered version of DANGERDOOM's 2006 digital-only OCCULT HYMN EP. It's pretty amazing to hear Black Though and DOOM trading hard-as-nails verses back and forth over an intricately warped Danger Mouse beat. Now, this is 100% unconfirmed and merely just personal speculation, but "Mad Nice" may very well be one of the sonic remnants from Black Thought & Danger Mouse's seemingly long-abandoned post-THE MOUSE AND THE MASK collaborative rapper-producer album tentatively titled DANGEROUS THOUGHTS. Long-deceased American actor and voice-over artist Vincent "Vinny" Price (whom many of you may recognize from "Thriller") also makes an unexpected appearance on "Mad Nice" by way of a sinister opening monologue and ghoulish quasi-hook cleverly inter-woven throughout. THE MOUSE AND THE MASK (METALFACE Edition) is currently available to pre-order from DOOM's Gas Drawls web-store in a number of formats and special packages: deluxe CD, 3xLP vinyl, or a super-deluxe package complete with CD, 3xLP, and a THE MOUSE AND THE MASK T-shirt of your choosing. METALFACE Records pre-orders are currently expected to ship by or before May 5th.

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