Tuesday, July 18, 2017

THE NATURAL CURRICULUM's "Chief Producer" AVER Readies Latest Instrumental Hip-Hop Album, Die Berlin Dateien (Village Live Records)

"'Die Berlin Dateien' is the first fully Instrumental Hip-Hop album by AVER, the chief producer of THE NATURAL CURRICULUM (TNC). Created whilst living in Berlin, AVER developed the 16 tracks as part of an attempt to evolve traditional sample use with more complex rhythms and off-beat drum breaks. The album features scratching and [beat-boxing] by fellow members of TNC and is overlaid with German-language vocals that provide an abstract narrative to further embellish the dream-like, somewhat dystopian nature of the album," Village Live Records' Die Berlin Dateien Vinyl + Cassette Tape product description reads. AVER AKA Joey Average AKA Joe Mills is one of the producer-emcees behind Manchester-based THE NATURAL CURRICULUM, along with emcee Bill Sykes, rapper-producer Chalk, DJ-producer Omas, beat-boxer Jam, DJ El Statiko, and (sometimes member) DJ Ink. It's currently unclear which of Joey Average's fellow THE NATURAL CURRICULUM'ers are featured "scratching and [beat-boxing]" through out Die Berlin Dateien, but Village Live says orders will likely start shipping around 24/07/17.

AVER and I last spoke around the time he released January's similarly-minded INSTRUMENTALS.3, which he then described as "a collection of ideas I was experimenting with in 2016 that don't quite fit into a bigger instrumental project I am currently working on (you could say they are the off-cuts, I guess!)" It now appears as though this "bigger instrumental project" AVER casually mentioned is his first label-released album, Die Berlin Dateien. As of just yesterday—Monday, July 17th, 2017—Die Berlin Dateien is currently available for pre-order in a number of limited edition formats: 300 vinyl LP's, 50 cassettes, 1 now-sold out white label test pressing, and digital album download. Village Live Records have uploaded a few multi-media album teasers including THE NATURAL CURRICULUM DJ Omas' 14-minute "Die Berlin Dateien Promo Mix," Ja-a-mes-directed Die Berlin Dateien (Official Trailer,) and Facebook-shared "one-off Test Pressing" teaser clip tagged #Aver, #DieBerlinDateien, #Testpressing, #Hiphop, #Triphop.

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