Tuesday, August 22, 2017

DJ Oonops Presents: Japanese Jazz Fusion Band Nautilus & German Songstress Fleur Earth's Beastie Boys "Root Down" Re-interpretation for Oonops Drops Vol. 1 (Agogo Records 45)

German-based DJ Oonops (AKA Patrick Decker) is a self-described "connoisseur of tight spider beats and juggler with different musical genres" who hosts a monthly Brooklyn Radio Mixcloud show and has compiled guest mixes for world-renown stations such as Laid Back Radio (LDBK) and Breakin' Bread. As DJ Oonops tells it, he first discovered Japanese Jazz Fusion/Soul-Funk trio Nautilus "a few years ago" by chance, upon diggin' up their first few 45 singles; amazed with their work, Decker soon "got in touch with [Nautilus] and dropped several tunes in [his] shows for Brooklyn Radio" including Oonops Drops - Straight from Japan II, Smoky Jazz Session 4, Black Gold of The Sun, WORLD TRIAL 2, and SMOKY JAZZ SESSIONS 5. "After that, I had the idea to bring them on German label Agogo Records for a wider audience and I compiled this compilation out of their first two albums. One day, I had the idea of the fusion of Jimmy Smith's "Root Down" combined with Beastie Boys' "Root Down," but in a different way," DJ Oonops recounted within a recent emailed exchange. I can still recall picking up a used copy of the Beastie Boys' 1995 Root Down EP CD at FYE in our local mall back in the early 2000's during my earliest discovery of Beasties' effortlessly genre-blending style. It showcased three remixes of "Root Down" by The Prunes, De La Soul DJ and producer Prince Paul, and Ill Communication producer and "third Beastie" Mario "C." Caldato Jr. alongside seven tracks were recorded "LIVE IN EUROPE, WINTER 1995."

"So, I asked Toshi[yuki Sasaki] from Nautilus because of his creative Jazz style and singer Fleur Earth, who I had in mind as the voice for this version to [fully] realize it for me. And yes, there will be another cool re-interpretation of a classic tune... I'll keep you updated," Oonopus continued. DJ Oonops-assembled "Root Down" revision reminds me of something to the effect of El Michels Affair's Wu-Tang Clan-flipping albums Enter: The 37th Chamber (2009) and Return to The 37th Chamber (2017) or even David Bowie re-envisioning The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions Featuring Seu Jorge (2005). Nautilus & Fleur Earth's "Root Down" Funk-tastic cover is currently available for pre-order on an "exclusive and strictly limited" baby blue 7-inch single from German-based Agogo Records ahead of its upcoming November 3rd release. "Root Down" is additionally expected to re-appear within DJ Oonops' upcoming Agogo Records compilation, Oonops Drops Vol. 1, which will likely be loosely modeled after his popular Brooklyn Radio and Mixcloud series. Shout out to Jamison Harvey AKA DJ Prestige over at Flea Market Funk for peeeping me to DJ Oonops & Nautilus feat. Fleur Earth's "Root Down" 45, as well as continually introducing me to dope sh*t that's exclusively available on vinyl!

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