Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Jumbled & UllNevaNo "Sub In" Alternates Logic Marselis & DJ Blaze Daily for The Ghost of Len Bias EP Game 2 Single "Bias vs. Jordan" (Harford & Reckord Tapes/MGNTK.)

"There's an old saying, "iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." This can be found many times over in sports and in music. One of the legendary debates in basketball is whether Len Bias was a better basketball player than Michael Jordan; while we consider Jordan to be the greatest of all-time, we can't help but wonder what could have been," Jumbled & UllNevaNo wrote within a recent press release. UllNevaNo & Jumbled have just released the second single, "Bias vs. Jordan," from their upcoming basketball-themed The Ghost of Len Bias EP. Len Bias was of course, an extremely talented 22-year-old forward at the University of Maryland. Bias was the Boston Celtics' second overall pick in the 1986 NBA Draft on June 17th and sadly, passed away two days later from cardiac arrhythmia, as a result of a cocaine overdose. "Iron sharpening iron" can also be found in Hip-Hop all the time. When someone lays down an amazing verse or freestyle, the pressure is put on the next artist to step up and do better," UllNevaNo & Jumbled continued.

"Bias vs. Jordan" almost has an underlying cinematic feel due in part to Jumbled's grandiose sting samples, reminiscent of Wu-Tang Clan's formative brand of 90's Mafioso/Gangsta Rap; for this second "pick-up game" (single) from The Ghost of Len Bias EP, Jumbled & UllNevaNo have "subbed in" fellow MGNTK. emcee and self-proclaimed "dust environment explorer" Logic Marselis for an added guest verse and additional cuts from Maryland's legendary DJ Blaze Daily. "Bias vs. Jordan" loosely chronicles the period wherein, believe it or not, Len Bias and Michael Jordan actually played against each other a number of times during their college years. UllNevaNo ferociously rhymes "flows tight like a boa constrictor" and Marselis boasting "got this style from within, ain't get it off 'line." The Ghost of Len Bias EP is coming to a computer near you this September from Harford & Reckord Tapes and Magnetik Moments (MGNTK.) Just in time to quickly become the unofficial soundtrack for the 2017-18 NBA season.

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