Friday, August 11, 2017

GRAMMY-nominated Wiz Khalifia, Yo Gotti & T.I. Producer & Song-writer David Versis Unleashes "Made for Me" from Forthcoming EP (self-released)

"'Made for Me" was actually one of the last tracks I added to the EP I hope to release later this year. I remember walking into the studio and hearing Mikhail (my producer) messing around with two different cuts of the same sample. One was very down-tempo and in the pocket, while the other felt lively with a real bounce to it. We went back-and-forth, debating which of the two we rocked with the most, but couldn't justify separating the sounds," Canadian rapper, producer, and song-writer David Versis wrote within a recent email. Upon first hearing his latest single, "Made for Me," I wrote a quick, semi-tongue-in-cheek "review" on Twitter which read: "'Made for Me" sounds like John Mayer meets Drake and it's actually pretty awesome!" Versis is a GRAMMY-nominated producer, who contributed to Wiz Khalifia's 2014 album, Blacc Hollywood and produced Yo Gotti & T.I.'s collaborative single, "King Sh*t." David Versis has recently been transitioning into becoming a featured, top-billing artist in his own right; quietly releasing a string of Mikhail-produced singles over the course of the past month including "Invictus," "Touch Yourself," "Totally," and now, "Made for Me." In addition to sounding like something to the effect of a stylistic mix between John Mayer and fellow Canadian Drake, I would liken David Versis' sound to recluse Jai Paul's Electro-Pop stylings, soulful crooner Frank Ocean, and sharp spitter Pusha T with a cadence and swagger reminiscent of Kung-Fu Kenny AKA Kendrick Lamar. David Versis' debut EP is expected to be released before year's end.

"We started arranging the beat and joked around about how nonsensical it would be to start with one vibe and abruptly switch to the next, but the more we played it back, the more we fell in love with it. I began writing and immediately knew I wanted the song to be as blatant as the beat was. The record felt like a love song, but I didn’t want it to be filled with all the subtle nuances and metaphors found in most loved songs. I wanted it to be stripped, direct, and to the point. It’s not hard to find songs with lyrics that shoot game to females or even love songs drenched in overly emotional tones, so I set out to make a song that feels smooth but is punctuated with a transparent proclamation, "Made for Me." Even though it was the last song added to the EP, I feel "Made for Me" really encompasses what my team [and I] set out to accomplish with this body of work, which was to take listeners on a playful ride with soundscapes constantly changing and with each track differing from the next."

- David Versis

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