Wednesday, October 25, 2017

East Bay-based "4th Wave" Ska Punk Band Jokes for Feelings Let Loose "Sweet Song" from Too Much Too Hipster EP (Coming January 2018)

Jokes for Feelings are an East Bay-area Ska Punk band consisting of drummer Tony Acosta, vocalist/keyboardist/violinist/guitar player Bill Raphael, trombonist and back-up vocalist Allie Miller, bass player Dave Garcia, trombonist Noah Ortiz, sax player Michael Booker, and guitarist and back-up vocalist Josh Raphael. Jokes for Feelings regularly play gigs at 924 Gilman St. Alternative Music Foundation AKA "Gilman" in West Berkley, California. Throughout their brief, yet plentiful career, the "4th Wave" Ska band's members have played with Punk/Hardcore luminaries such as The Ramones' 1989-96 bassist C.J. Ramone, Agent Orange, Mike Watt of The Stooges and Minutemen fame, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Specials (Roddy Radiation & Neville Staple,) The Aggrolites, and Guttermouth. Since forming in 2006, Jokes for Feelings have self-released three EP's—One of Us Sucks, Sleeping Giant, and We Don't Need Your Label Anyways—and one full-length album, 2014's The Island of Pissed Off Toyz; the band’s tracks have been featured on various esteemed Punk Rock/Ska compilations including Gilman Ska Night Comp. Vol. 1-2, Hellcat Records & Smelvis Records Presents... Dale la Bota (Give 'em The Boot,) and California Love on Quote Your Pulse Records.

"We have always been a DIY band, never been on labels, and put out all our own shows, records, events, merch, and artwork. We have been heavily involved in the Ska scene up here and love finding great bands to play our music with," guitarist and vocalist Josh Raphael detailed within a recent press release. Jokes for Feelings list Nuclear Rabbit, NOFX, Blue Meanies, Agent Orange, and Assorted Jelly Beans amongst their greatest sources of influence. Although, to my well-trained Punk/Hardcore and likely damaged ears, Jokes for Feelings' latest single, "Sweet Songs" sounds something more to the effect of now-defunct Motion City Soundtrack, Less Than Jake, 2 Tone Ska, and 1980's Hardcore pioneers Bad Religion. "Sweet Song" stems from Jokes for Feelings' upcoming and wonderfully-titled Too Much Too Hipster EP, which is expected to be released on 7-inch vinyl (2 songs/side) and across digital platforms in early 2018. "As the title suggests, the track is a mid-tempo, feel-good Ska romp punctuated by lively brass about "stage fright and following your dreams,'" the press release continued. Jokes for Feelings' next gig is Sunday, January 14th at 924 Gilman in support of MUSTARD PLUG with Buck-O-Nine, Neverlyn, and Honey Orbison. It's being billed as a proper "Record Release [Show] of Too Much Too Hipster EP" and is an ALL AGES show with a $15 COVER + $2 MEMBERSHIP, DOORS AT 4:30PM.

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