Monday, October 23, 2017

Leather Bull Mask-wearing Emcee Torito Unveils "Glowing Clothes" from Upcoming Self-produced Fabric Scraps Album (U DONT DESERVE THIS BEAUTIFUL ART)

"Nice Rhymes. Leather Bull Mask," is how Torito fittingly describes his musical approach within his Facebook About Me section; a full-time baker by day and masked emcee by night, Torito harnesses the ferocity of "a bull in a china shop." His latest single, "Glowing Clothes" is the third teaser from his upcoming self-produced album, Fabric Scraps, which will likely be released on rapper-producer Darko The Super's label imprint, U DONT DESERVE THIS BEAUTIFUL ART, at the top of 2018. "The beat is a little sample from "This Is Sally Hatchet" by Father John Misty, plus, me playing guitar and keys. It starts with a news [report] of a wild story about a bull that escaped from a Philadelphia slaughterhouse," Torito wrote via email, describing "Glowing Clothes." His frequent collaborator and Philly-based producer Johann Sebastian helped "beef up the drums a bit and offered some production guidance" and is also mixing/mastering the entire Fabric Scraps project. Torito & Johann Sebastian previously collaborated on the former's Crushing Rhymes Eviscerating All Matadors (C.R.E.A.M.) EP, which they co-produced together and released about three years ago. Fabric Scraps was initially planned to just be a quick 4-song EP, but as he started making and producing his own tracks, Torito decided to effectively re-appropriate the ever-growing batch of songs as a full-length 9-10-track album. "I'm producing the whole project, which is a bit outside of the norm for me, but I've really enjoyed it," Torito further detailed. Fabric Scraps will showcase contributions from Darko The Super & ialive (AKA The Hell Hole Store,) New York-bred emcees samsa, Mello Music Group sharp-spitter Quelle Chris on a track titled "Breakfast Loops," and a couple additional surprise guests. "They're all people whose music I love and respect, and I'm really happy that they're part of the project," Torito enthusiastically continued. In addition to "Glowing Clothes," Fabric Scraps will also featured Torito's recently released singles "Golden Briefs" and "ensueƱo" from his collaborative its all down south from here. 2017 tour tape/sampler along with The Hell Hole Store.

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