Monday, October 30, 2017

The Witzard Premier: Purple Dialect Unleashes Halloween-themed PLANET PUMPKIN & Teams Up with Shawn Johnson & Spook Novel for "Cocoa" Video (GHOST VOLCANO)

"Purple Dialect answers an ad on Craigslist to raid PLANET PUMPKIN. The orc hives are a little more lit than they appeared [in] the brochure. Zane has to decide if the job is worth it when he finds out it only pays in candy corn and Samba 45's," Zane Rice AKA rapper-producer Purple Dialect wrote within the Bandcamp description for his latest album. PLANET PUMPKIN is sub-titled, "GHOST VOLCANO: SEASON 1; EPISODE 4" and an impassioned Rice asserts, "this is a mixtape. It's raw as f**k. Hopefully, you like it." Purple Dialect's CAMPFIRE EP follow-up, PLANET PUMPKIN, as you might have already deduced, is a largely Halloween-themed and inspired album from Philly's own Purple Dialect. PLANET PUMPKIN consists of 13 spook-tacular tracks from Purple Dialect, who said he simply "just tried to make music that [he] liked." He then, called in frequent collaborators Luke "Spook" Novel (1/2 of GHOST VOLCANO) and Shawn Johnson AKA oldsoulbrother1 to help create the album art/"Cocoa" video—both of whom Purple Dialect worked closely with on his last project, CAMPFIRE EP.

PLANET PUMPKIN was largely produced by Purple Dialect himself with one track each from Chameleon Sessions, DJ Prominent, Nimzo, Reckonize Real, and SiM. PLANET PUMPKIN showcases features from B. Moore, Manny Marko, Vas Vigoda, and one-time Das Racist emcee Kool A.D. which as "Veggie Lasagna" (2006 flip phone mix) seemingly alludes, were "called [in] from overseas on flip phones." "Cocoa" director Shawn Johnson (oldsoulbrother1) had this to say on his latest creation: "This was my first time collaborating on a project. Spook sent me about 80 different scanned images; each star, figure, title, dot, etc. I made animations out of them in After Effects. Zane sent me footage of him in [his laundry room] through email and I was able to "Rotoscope" out the background. I also created the background in After Effects. A lot of the images are literal interpretations of the lyrics. After all the editing of the clips, it was a matter of plugging everything in and making each quote transition smooth into the other." Purple Dialect's latest, PLANET PUMPKIN, is now available for streaming and download on Bandcamp from GHOST VOLCANO, just in time for your ghoulish Halloween festivities.

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