Sunday, December 25, 2011

Early LP2 Demo: The xx - "Open Eyes" (2009x10 "Islands" Re-release)

Romy xx, Jamie xx & Oliver Sim are currently isolated - hard @ work on the untitled follow-up to their highly successful debut album, "xx" (2009). The xx plan to release the set ahead of a string of Summer 2012 festival appearances. Jamie xx has said that his production style is now inspired by Club music and is "party-motivated." Since bursting onto the UK music scene, Jamie xx has worked with [remixed] the likes of Florence + The Machine, Drake-Rihanna, Gil Scott-Heron, Adele... Shakira, Kwes, and Gorillaz.
Later on in 2009, second guitarist-keyboardist Baria Qureshi parted ways with The xx due to "personal differences;" Qureshi was one of the band's 4 founding members - All of whom met in 2005, while studying @ Elliott School (London). The first demo from "xx2," "Open Eyes" was released over Christmas Holiday. A sparse, feedback-drenched piano/guitar-based piece, you can tell that "Open Eyes" is a rough skeleton of a song. But with that said, it's a very powerful one, which is almost reminiscent of The Cure. Eager fans should expect "xx2" TBR sometime during Summer 2012.

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