Saturday, December 17, 2011

Punk Rock Girls, Beer & PARTYING: Diarrhea Planet - Loose Jewels (Infinity Cat Nashville)

"Diarrhea Planet" may very well be the most memorable, ambiguous juxtaposition of random phrases [band name] since "Foo Fighters" 1994 inception. Diarrhea Planet's 4 lead guitarists (Jordan Smith, Brent Toler, Evan Bird, and Emmett Miller) without a doubt add depth to their already dense, Balls-to-the-Wall Rock "N" Roll sound. Drummer Casey J. Weissbuch and jungle-stompin' bassist, Mike Boyle round out the band's extensive 6-man team. Jordan Smith dually acts as "leadsinger," but all of the guys are able to contribute vocal riffs when needed. Diarrhea Planet was originally formed in 2009 as a 2-piece Noise band and with a few changes/additions, this current line-up was recently solidified on record.

After self-releasing 2 EP's-worth of material and "endlessly" touring the Nashville area, Diarrhea Planet were signed to JEFF The Brotherhood's hometown label, Infinity Cat Recordings. Philly label, Evil Weevil re-released Aloha 7" (2009) in Spring 2011 and their Infinity Cat debut 45, Yama-Uba EP, was issued that following summer. DP went into the studio with producer-friend, Ryan Ellis to lay down tracks for their debut album. Loose Jewels was released @ the end of September; The first 100 Infinity Cat pre-orders came packaged with a mixtape CD and band-made tanktop.

I've been listening to Loose Jewels a lot lately and it really is a well-structured 20-minute album, one which easily warrants repeat listens. When it comes down to it, Diarrhea Planet is a Nashville-bred Punk band... inspired by Old School Punk greats: Black Flag, The Misfits, Fugazi, The Descendents, Bad Brains, etc. While the arrangements are pretty simple, together they employ the formula for a nearly perfect Pop tune. Loose Jewels is chock-full of catchy, sun-drenched [often screamed] frantic Pop songs. For example, the 2 mp3's included here: "Raft Nasty" & "Warm Ridin'" are amongst my current favourite DP album tracks for that very reason... simple, Punk-inspired Pop structure. You can tell that Casey, Jordan, Brent, Mike, Emmett & Evan had one Hell of a time recording Loose Jewels: A guitar assault of an "album" - centered around the simple lifestyle of girls, beer, and PARTYING!

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