Friday, July 28, 2017

"Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj & Boy George Walk Into a Dance Studio..." Krrum Unveil "Evil Twin" Music Video & Announce EVIL TWIN EP 2017 EDITION (37 Adventures/+1 Records)

"It's a summation of everything up to now; a nice way to present it before we release the newer sound of our more recent writing," Leeds-based producer and Krrum co-vocalist Alex Carrie wrote within a recent email. Carrie started Krrum as a sparse bedroom-produced solo endeavor back in 2010, after a stint playing trumpet in various British Ska bands, "a strange tenure working in a historical cave, and a dead-end job at a local Derbyshire butchery. Krrum quietly unleashed his debut Evil Twin EP in January 2016 and slowly trickled out a string of well-received Soundcloud singles and has since expanded to include Harrison Warke on lead vocals, drummer Charlie Webb, and Thomas Trueman on keys. Krrum's members collectively drawn influence and inspiration from fellow Pop-minded artists as far-spanning as Gorillaz, Metronomy, Justice, Hot Chip, Jai Paul, and Kanye. Although, they already released a simple cut-and-paste "Evil Twin" video about a year or so ago, Krrum premiered a new and improved, full-fledged "Evil Twin" video at Wonderland. Magazine just this past Thursday morning.

Director Camille Summers-Valli cast a handful of celebrity lookalikes (or "evil twins") to co-star alongside Krrum; it's almost like a behind-the-scenes or MTV's Making The Video-esque treatment with spot-on Britney Spears, 1990-2000's Boy George, Nicki Minaj, and "Thriller"-era Michael Jackson doppelgangers presenting their own unique renditions of "Evil Twin" to an incredibly unenthused Alex Carrie. Krrum quite fittingly describe "Evil Twin" as "toying with the duality of wanting to be healthy, productive, and find some long-term stability, but also wanting to throw that all away and indulge your vices. Individually, they are comforting, but are always competing with each other to come out. Camille's idea for the video was a strange realisation of that competition." Along with "Evil Twin," Krrum announced that they're planning to re-package and re-release their five 2016-17 singles—"Evil Twin," "Moon," "Still Love," "Hard On You," Alex Carrie-fronted "Get The Girl," and "Evil Twin" (Cazzette Remix)—together as EVIL TWIN EP 2017 EDITION to be released on 37 Adventures/+1 Records next Friday, August 4th.

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