Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hodgy Beats & Jonti - "Nagoya" (Japan)

These here, my friends, are a few of the things that "Blog Dreams" are made of: 1-3 buzz-worthy new-comers, chemistry, kinship, spur-of-the-moment collaboration, creativity... sex, drugs, and violence. With little-no concrete information to springboard off of, this post will almost purely consist of cold, hard reporting! Hodgy Beats' complex rhyme schemes are cleverly strewn across the bleeps and blips of a Jonti-produced beat. Overall, the final product [dubbed "Nagoya"] is truly a brilliant juxtaposition of the interesting pair's Pop tendencies and sheer aggression.
A beat which was reportedly created, flourished, laced, and completed over the course of one mere night (9/27-28). Hodgy Beats is a flourishing member of LA-based Odd Future and it's sub-crew, MellowHype; While Jonti [Danimals] is a talented multi-instrumentalist /producer, hailing from Sydney, Australia and Stones Throw Records. Be on the look out for Jonti's debut long-player, Twirligig (Oct. 18) and retain high hopes for a proper Hodgy Beats & Jonti collabo album..?

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