Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ryan Adams Slows Down "Wasted Years" (Iron Maiden)

Ryan Adams - "Wasted Years" (Iron Maiden)

Many years ago [2000], when I was first REALLY "getting into" the Indie Rock music scene... my tech-savvy, older cuz Josh passed me a Led Zeppelin Greatest Hits 3-CD set, a box of cassette tapes, and a collection [Read: "stack of data CD-R's"] of shit to check out. Contained within the bounds of one of those CD-R's was "To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High)," a playful, little ditty from Alt. Country singer-songwriter Ryan Adam's debut long-player, Heartbreaker.
Since his 2000 inception, Ryan Adams has released 6 individual solo albums, 4 records with his [former] band The Cardinals, got married to Mandy Moore, released a Heavy Metal album as "Orion," upstarted his very own record label imprint, and unleashed a handful of mp3's from his assorted "side endeavors." In the mix of what may easily seem like to some a schizophrenic musical career, Adams managed to release a batch of sound, cohesive covers. Recorded and officially released cover versions include: Oasis, Alice In Chains, The Strokes, and Vampire Weekend. Live-tackled cover renditions range from The Smiths-Grateful Dead.

The audio file located @ the top of this post is for all intensive purposes, Ryan Adam's latest edition to his [non-existent] Covers Mix CD. A laid-back, Country-tinged take on Iron Maiden's 1986 hit single, "Wasted Years" was originally featured within the confines of Somewhere In Time; The album's lone synth-less track, it's lyrics were also the first to be penned by bandmember Adrian Smith (guitar). "Ashes & Fire" is the title cut from Ryan Adam's forthcoming album, his first solo set since Easy Tiger (2007). Ashes & Fire is now available for pre-order, which will ship in due time to be received on release day: Oct. 11, 2011. Track #10, "Lucky Now," is also currently available for your listening pleasure, compliments of Pitchfork.

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