Monday, September 12, 2011

"Scroobius Pip Spits Rhymes Like a Girl!" (Sandlot)

Plain and simple... From a long-time music aficionado's point of view, the concept behind "Let 'em Come" (music video) is a very original and intriguing premise. For all intensive purposes: Nina Kate, Carmen Pie, and Michala Vano are Scroobius Pip, P.O.S. (Doomtree), and Sage Francis - respectively. @ the video's start, we see the girls getting ready and pre-gaming... But then, as they fervently walk downtown to the bar, carefully sequenced raps start coming out. Ever so slyly rhyming and wreaking havoc throughout the pub, "The Real Scroobius" soon has a run in with Nina Kate and the gang [roughly 2:15]. Subsequently getting kicked out, they once again begin roaming the dark London streets. As Michala (Sage) comes into the fold, they hop into a cab and eventually bail without paying fare.

The camera begins to wobble and pan out, as Nina, Carmen, and Michala progressively hit the bottle harder and harder. Leaving the apartment, we are again met by an image of Scroobius Pip... walking down the roadside the next morning? Movie-like credits roll, announcing the specifics of Scroobius' upcoming debut for Strange Famous Records. Set to be released on Sept. 19-20th, Distraction Pieces is set to feature appearances from Travis Barker, Worgie & Yila, Danny Lohner (NIN), Richard Russell @ XL, new-comer Natasha Fox, and Radio 1's Zane Lowe. Distraction Pieces marks Pip's first departure from long-time friend/collaborator and beatsmith affiliate, dan le sac.

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  1. yeah attractive women replacing male artists in videos im sure its never been done. great song tho