Thursday, November 1, 2012

Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood: Vampire Weekend - "Unbelievers" (Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Unreleased)

Without sounding like a TOTAL Hipster douchebag, which I can honestly assure you I am NOT.... I can vividly remember downloading Vampire Weekend's self-leaked 2007 demo tape and burning it onto a Blue CD-R before anybody else even knew about them! Vampire Weekend are "Tribal-infused" in the same sense that The Police were a "Reggae" band, riddim [rhythm] and Funky melodies; Evenly spread across their then upcoming self-titled debut record, Vampire Weekend somehow managed to find a way to seamlessly blend Indie Rock, Pop sensibility, "Yacht Rock," Punk Rock ideologies, Tribal drums, keen fashion sense, and a wide variety of assorted influences. The band's follow-up, Contra (2010) is most def one of my favourite albums of the past 10 years and while it's chock-full of instantly catchy hit jams, nothing beats "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa!"

Ezra Koenig, Rostam Batmanglij, Chris Baio & Chris Tomson took a little break break from recording LP3 to stop by Jimmy Kimmel's temporarily Brooklyn-based TV studio to play a couple tracks. Decked out in festive Misfits meets I Like Turtles skull face paint, Vampire Weekend played a BRAND NEW track called "Unbelievers" with a 3-piece horn section and then laid down "Oxford Comma" as a special web exclusive. LP3 has been in-the-works since roughly 2010 and may or may not be semi-inspired by failed Romantic Comedies like The Love Guru, Bride Wars, The Rocker ... "Dwight" from The Office, and Kate Hudson. Koenig recently sent Team Vampire Weekend a progress update, via Twitter exchange: "We've been working like maniacs for a long time. The time is not far away, we promise... start getting ready for the next VW ONSLAUGHT OF INFORMATIONMUSICIMAGESVIBESETC!" Ideally, it sounds like Vampire Weekend's new album [LP3] should be in record stores by late 2012-13.

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