Monday, November 26, 2012

I Wish They All Could Be California Girls: HAIM - "Don't Save Me" (Basketball Show?)

HAIM are a band made up of 3 20-something sisters from LA who's only recorded output includes: the 3-track Forever EP, a Fleetwood Mac cover, some hook work for Childish Gambino, and now "Don't Save Me/Send Me Down." Ever since the imminent break-up of family band Rockinhaim about 5 years ago, Danielle, Alana & Este have been secretly recording together non-stop... fine-tuning their sun-soaked Rock "N" Roll meets 90's R&B sound. They seem to be equally inspired by everyone from Usher to The Beach Boys, but HAIM have somehow been able to meld together a unique brand of Power/Girl Pop. I personally think it's pretty SICK [AWESOME] that 3 hot, model-ish chicks like Danielle, Alana & Este Haim can Rock this hard, whether or not you really even dig their music!

While they're slowly but surely chipping away @ finishing up their major label debut, the Haim sisters unveiled a music video for "Don't Save Me" Monday afternoon. Austin Peters directs and it's a pretty wild and weird, yet oddly endearing clip; "Don't Save Me" flips back and forth between HAIM performance footage along with drummer Dash Hutton and an old school boys vs. girls pick-up basketball game. HAIM are currently busy prepping the release of "Don't Save Me" as a AA-side on Neon Gold/Rough Trade, which will see the light of day this upcoming December 10th. Bottom line is that HAIM a pretty hot right now and the next logical step in the buzz-building chain is that they just release a damn album already, before everyone decides to pull a "Milli Vanilli" and stops giving a shit.

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