Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Noisey Presents: Open Mike Eagle - "Dark Comedy Morning Show" (Mello Music Group)

Sharp-tongued Los Angeles by-way-of Chicago emcee Open Mike Eagle has been self-described as an underground "Art-Rap" hero; recently having signed a purported three-album deal with Indie Hip-Hop imprint Mello Music Group. Noisey premiered the second single from Eagle's upcoming fourth album, Dark Comedy, which is currently set for a June 10th release, Tuesday afternoon. "Dark Comedy Morning Show" was supposedly the second to last song recorded for the new album... "It took me a long time to write because I kept wanting to sing this Stereolab song on it that was way out of my range," Open Mike Eagle revealed on Twitter. "Dark Comedy Morning Show" was seemingly influenced by Open Mike Eagle's recent stint with traveling comedian Paul F. Tompkins and additionally features production work/vocal accompaniment from rising multi-instrumentalist Toy Light. Sonically, it's very emotive of 90's Indie Pop, something not totally unlike what Weezer & A Tribe Called Quest might have come up with back in the day; "in this one, me and @Toy_Light are like regis and kelly. behind a table that's too tall on stools that are too high." Prior to announcing the sheer existence of Dark Comedy, Eagle most recently unleashed a joint album with his crew, Hellfyre Club - Busdriver, Nocando, Milo, Rheteric Ramirez, KAIL, Taurus Scott, VerBS, and The Kleenrz - the mysteriously titled Dorner vs. Tookie, which initially housed his then unknown lead-off single, "Qualifiers." Long before the final sequencing of Dark Comedy and Open Mike Eagle's recent affiliation with Mello Music Group, he and producer Taco Neck Alwayz Prolific headed down to a 24-hour laundromat and recorded a largely improvised on-the-fly version of "Qualifiers" with a little help from the good people over at Beats, Frames & Life.

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