Saturday, April 5, 2014

Downtown Records Presents: White Denim - "At Night In Dreams" (Brian K. Jones gifs)

It's probably just some sort of weird subconscious coincidence, but the track I'm about to review is titled "At Night In Dreams" and man, did I have a colorful dream last night: I was attending some sort of St. Patty's-themed little people marathon race in my hometown, where all the runners were either dressed like leprechauns, nuns, or priests... But they could party harder than any binge-drinking testosterone-filled frat dudes! Anyways, White Denim is currently one of my favorite bands, but my first exposure to their music wasn't even a proper White Denim album; frontman James Petralli released an unofficial "solo album" a few years ago, which featured Portastudio-recorded covers of Elvis Costello, Ween, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, King Crimson, and White Stripes album deep cuts. Needless to say, White Denim's most recent record, Corsicana Lemonade quickly became one of my favorite Rock "N" Roll albums of 2013-14! It's 10 righteous no-frills tracks were jointly produced by Indie Rock legend Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) and frequent collaborator Jim Vollentine, who previously worked on D (2011) and Spoon's critically-acclaimed Gimme Fiction. Following the release of lead single, "Pretty Green," White Denim have decided to unleash Corsicana Lemonade lead-off track, "At Night In Dreams" as their second proper single. After a few days worth of social media build-up, they unveiled the companion Brian K. Jones-directed video on April 1st; it's basically composed of four deranged-looking "dancing" gifs of White Denim's four respective members -- Joshua Block, Austin Jenkins, James Petralli, and Steven Terebecki -- dressed as cowboys juxtaposed against various colorful backgrounds. Downtown Records released Corsicana Lemonade this past October on compact disc and virgin vinyl and it's defiantly well-worth a $12-20 investment.

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