Tuesday, March 3, 2015

BOOTS Shares Companion 5-song Score to Self-directed & Penned Short Film, "Motorcycle Jesus" (Canvasback Music)

"[Jordan Asher] came up with his logo, a horizontal stripe with two verticals, which can look like connected crosses or, people have told him, like "a bridge, train tracks, motorcycle handlebars," he said," laments a recently published New York Times profile centered around Run The Jewels, Beyoncé, and Sia collaborator, Jordan "BOOTS" Asher. "I'm not going to reveal rightly yet what it is. But if it's got you wondering, I'm on the right path;" Asher's purposely vague statements would in fact, then lead me to believe that the title of his recent short film/5-song soundtrack, Motorcycle Jesus, is likely a clever allusion to his sparse cross-handlebars BOOTS imagery. It's the proper follow-up to BOOTS' critically-acclaimed WinterSpringSummerFall mixtape (2014), which @bootsonboots modestly self-describes as: "my objective with this body of work was not to make "rock music." It was to make new music. Something I have never heard before." Motorcycle Jesus seamlessly manages to inter-weave previously "leaked" singles "Mercy" and "I Run Roulette" amongst new material recorded along with RTJ cohort and veteran rapper-producer El-P and Autolux multi-instrumenatlist Carla Azar.

Just a matter of days after its initial release, Motorcycle Jesus has already drawn comparisons to the timeless work(s) of The Beatles, David Bowie, Radiohead, Prince, TV On The Radio, and Nine Inch Nails, all juxtaposed against a fresh modern-day Hip-Hop/R&B-indebted edge. "BOOTS is a self-taught, all-around 21st-century musician: singer, rapper, guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, beat programmer, video director, graphic designer [and] in the "Motorcycle Jesus" video, [he] wanders through a post-apocalyptic world, increasingly bruised and battered," The New York Times piece further describes the genesis of BOOTS' latest comprehensive work. Jordan Asher is currently putting the finishing touches on his Atlantic/Canvasback Music full-length album slated for a release later this year, as well as two separate "crazy futuristic" albums composed with fellow new-comers FKA Twigs and Autolux, and in the meantime, compiling cat sounds to be included on Killer Mike & El-P's crowd-funded Meow The Jewels remix album charity project.

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