Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ouzo Bazooka Infuses Mediterranean & Western Influences on Israeli Garage-Rock Single, "Children of The Revolution" (T. Rex)

"Kinrot describes ["Children of The Revolution"] as an interpretation of the emerging social movement in the middle-eastern countries: "From the social justice protests that happened in Israel during 2011 (and to this day), and all the manifestations that are changing the Middle East surface, emerged a strong connection to this song and its relevancy for today's reality," reads a pull-quote lifted from Ouzo Bazooka frontman Uri Brauner Kinrot (formerly UBK). Initially billed as "Mediterranean garage rock / Israel," I've been in touch with UBK and his social media team since about November 2013, after they saw an old featurette I did on White Denim; at this point in time, I've written about roughly 3-5 UBK/Ouzo Bazooka videos and I would best liken their overall sound to a Mediterranean-influenced brand of Queens of The Stone Age's Desert Acid-Rock infused with The Black Keys' radio-friendly Blues-Rock Americana. "The idea behind the cover of "Children of The Revolution" was to give it a Mediterranean interpretation, reflected by my long-time pursuit of integration between Mediterranean and Western music genres, [infused] with a social and cultural [sense] of rebellion," Kinrot continued.

Ouzo Bazooka have essentially re-appropriated and modernized T. Rex's 1972 Glam-Rock non-album single, "Children of The Revolution" for inclusion on their Israel/Japan-released self-titled album, which it seems, has yet to receive a proper state-side release. Director Natasha Boguslavsky's underlying video concept was "to bring life to a [utopian] universe, colorful and full of kitsch, inspired from motives found in the comic books, by multiplying images taken from 1920's flyers reminiscing Crony capitalism, tigers, and other related images;" a press release additionally notes that it was solely created using antiquated techniques like Xerox without use of any special effects whatsoever. Ouzo Bazooka's complete 13-track album, which includes previously released singles "I Got You," "Desert Love," "Southern Winds," and of course, "Children of The Revolution" is currently available for full-length streaming on Soundcloud. While it isn't yet commercially available here in the states, Ouzo Bazooka is however available for download on their Bandcamp page for 30 ILS or roughly $7.56 USD. Slice of Wax Records have in the meantime, been preparing a little teaser for record-savvy collectors world-wide in the form of three limited edition white, pink, and marble swirl double A-side 7-inches containing "Homesick/Southern Winds," which will go live on their site March 29th.

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