Wednesday, July 15, 2015

indie's travelling wilburys: BEAK> "Alter Ego" KAEB Enlist Jonwayne for Self-destructive "There's No One" Boiler Room Clip (Invada Records)

Portishead mastermind Geoff Barrow has spent the majority of the last six months to a year of his life tediously constructing Hip-Hop beats along with fellow Quakers producer Katalyst for inclusion on new-found collaborator Guilty Simpson's forthcoming DETROIT'S SON record, but he's currently readying a quick-strike 4-track EP with his other, other Krautrock-inspired band, BEAK> and their "alter ego," KAEB (or BEAK> backwards). Barrow and Bristol-based bandmates Billy Fuller and Matt Williams have released two full-length albums and a few miscellaneous projects since forming BEAK> back in 2009, but KAEB was just recently "formed" as an outlet to be used specifically for recording collaborations; as such with "There's No One," which was "written and filmed in one take [one day last year] at Invada Studios Bristol as part of the 4-track BEAK-KAEB EP," reads an Invada Records-sanctioned press release.

It features the sharp-tongued vocal talents of Quakers' former Stones Throw label-mate, Jonwayne. Although it seems to have likely been filmed prior to @jonwayne's drastic weight loss and lifestyle change, the recently "retired" rapper still half-jokingly Tweeted: "watch me don a fat suit and do my best Jim Morrison," rather effectively describing "There's No One"'s self-destructive, stark 6-minute black-and-white clip. Filmed live in-studio at Boiler Room, "There's No One" is the third consecutive music video released of four planned clips lifted from BEAK/KAEB's split EP, which is currently available for pre-order and "due to ship ahead of release [at the] end of July 2015" on Invada Records. It's largely unclear whether BEAK-KAEB EP is a one-off release or merely part one of an ongoing multi-volume series, which could likely feature the highly revered rhyming talents of veteran emcees Guilty Simpson, M.E.D. Aloe Blacc, Frank Nitty, and additional affiliates of Barrow's 30-member Quakers collective.

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