Thursday, July 23, 2015

Keeping Up with The Reinsteins: Despot Welcomes Fans Into His Childhood Queens Home for "First" Music Video, "House of Bricks" (E*VAX-directed)

Despite, or maybe even because of, the fact that critically-acclaimed Queens emcee Despot has yet to release his oft-delayed, nearly 10 years in-the-making debut, We're All Excited, he's somehow still able to "rub shoulders" and get a casual Sunday brunch with industry heavyweights like Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig and 21-22 Jump Street leading man, Jonah Hill. Fresh on the heels of his recent Evan "E*VAX" Mast-produced lead single lifted from his seemingly soon forthcoming album, Despot has unleashed his "first" proper music video for "House of Bricks;" although, he's previously appeared on film alongside Mr. Muthaf**kin' eXquire, Das Racist, Vampire Weekend, a pre-Run The Jewels El-P & Killer Mike, Sky Ferreira, Chromeo, and Santigold. "Me and Evan [Mast] have been talking about this album since I met him, so we have hypothetically been working on this album for close to 10 years... Most of the delay has just been me deciding that I don't like the songs that I'm making most of the time," Despot recently revealed to The FADER concerning his almost jokingly, habitually delayed album, We're All Excited or the Chinese Democracy of Hip-Hop.

Sonically, Despot's 5-star rated Evan Mast-produced/directed "House of Bricks" sounds vaguely similar to his full-time experimental Psych-Rock and Hip-Hop blending band RATATAT, while making a couple clever lyrical allusions to classic children's nursery rhyme, The Three Little Pigs. E*VAX's FADER-premiered video treatment manages to work in a clever bird's-eye panoramic shot of Despot's iced out cityscape ring formerly showcased on "House of Bricks"' single cover; from that point onward, it almost evokes an uncensored Keeping Up with The Kardashians or even The Osbournes-style look into Alec Reinstein aka Despot's surprisingly "average" family and everyday home life. "I felt like it was a good kind of introduction because I never made a video... which is weird, because I've been putting out music for fifteen years or something," Reinstein further described to The FADER regarding their overall approach to filming "House of Bricks." Its brief contained PERFECT BRANCH-penned video description additionally details that Despot's "Mom, Dad, Jacob, [iguana] Rex & [falcon] Prince" all co-star within Mast's reality show-style production. "House of Bricks'" instant widely-acclaimed success has apparently helped "grease the gears" for Despot & E*VAX to finally attempt to finish recording and release We're All Excited, which Despot himself honestly says "feels like [is] getting closer" to completion.

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