Wednesday, July 29, 2015

G.O.O.D. Music Signee & Former American Apparel Kacy Hill Announces Proper "Experience"-featuring Debut, Bloo EP (The FADER)

"Last year on the Yeezus tour, someone gave Kanye West a single to listen to: It was "Experience," by Kacy Hill, a 20-year-old singer who happened to be one of his back-up dancers. Kanye met with Hill after his Atlantic City show, and immediately signed her to his label, G.O.O.D. Music," NY Mag eloquently transcribed within their 'Top 10 New Female Musicians to See This Summer' featurette. While, as DJ Booth adversely points out, "Experience" was initially released back in December 2013 to little fanfare, only to be re-released on G.O.O.D. Music nearly a year later; "Experience" still remains Hill's lone Futuristic Indie Pop/R&B-reminiscent piece of work, although, now it's set to be included within her forthcoming proper debut, Bloo EP. Kacy Hill's G.O.O.D. Music/Very G.O.O.D. Beats label-mates and arsenal of possible collaborators now includes the likes of talented industry-worn artists and producers such as John Legend, Big Sean, Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def, Pusha T, Evian Christ, Hudson Mohawke, and veteran emcee Q-Tip.

"Bloo is a compilation of a few songs I've written over the past year, inspired by the necessity of finding happiness in the people I choose to surround myself with," Kacy Hill wrote in a recent email to The FADER, who announced Bloo EP's tentative Fall release just yesterday. "It is a calm introduction to what I would like to accomplish musically, transitioning from the sound of "Experience" to more refined song-writing," Hill continued. Formerly a Phoenix-based American Apparel model, Kacy Hill initially met "Experience" video director Stephen Garnett after he reached out to her via Instagram in hopes to do an informal photo shoot together; "I was singing to myself [on set] and he told me he wanted to start some sort of music project and asked me if I'd be on board." Hill was then, in turn introduced to "Experience" beat producer Jaylien Wesley, which was eventually passed on to G.O.O.D. Music and self-proclaimed "greatest living rock star on the planet," Mr. West... and the rest, as they say, is history! The FADER additionally notes that Kacy Hill's proper debut, Bloo EP is "expected to arrive early this fall" and are currently offering her spacy, atmospheric track that started it all, "Experience," as a FREE download for a limited time.

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