Friday, July 10, 2015

The Alchemist & Oh No Return with Third Gangrene Album, You Disgust Me; Stereogum Premiers "Hot Pillow" (Mass Appeal Records)

"Fresh off the heels of compiling a musically diverse compilation for GTAV's Welcome to Los Santos, The Alchemist and Oh No are back, bringing their Gangrene noise on a whole other level with the release of their long-awaited third full-length record You Disgust Me," Gangrene's Nas-fronted label, Mass Appeal Records described in the Hip-Hop duo's latest Soundcloud press release. "You Disgust Me begins where Vodka & Ayahuasca left off, with Al and Oh lyrically vandalizing the minds of the masses over gritty, Psychedelic Jazz, Rock and Fusion-tinged beats;" not limited to, but including samples of Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention and 1960-70's Dutch Blues-Rock band, Shocking Blue. Frequent collaborators Action Bronson and Evidence appear alongside Gangrene new-comers Sean Price, veteran emcee Havoc of Mobb Deep, Your Old Droog, Fashawn, and Chuck Stranglers... although we still have yet to hear that long-rumored Action Bronson-"killing" Scott Caan & Alchemist Whooliganz reunion collaborative track (ha).

Anchored around Gangrene's newly-minted mantra: "Drink, smoke, light one up, pass me a cup of that good sh*t," Stereogum-premiered bonus track "Hot Pillow" is expertly built amidst a barrage of disoriented samples, including ones culled from Zappa's Joe's Garage and Shocking Blue's "Love Buzz" (1969). Although it has yet to be released as of yet, director Jason Goldwatch has been editing the music video for Bronson-featuring single, "Driving Gloves" since around January; "me and my GANGRENE brothers @Alchemist and @ohnothedisrupt are making songs for videos, instead of the other way around..." which leads me to believe, we'll eventually have an album's-worth of clever, artistic-leaning videos on our hands. Gangrene's third proper album, You Disgust Me will see a world-wide release this upcoming August 7th, ahead of which you can pick up the first two installments of Alchemist's archival instrumental series, Israeli Salad and literally just-released do-it-yourself Retarted Alligator Beats.

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