Monday, July 20, 2015

Rare Chandeliers Collaborators Action Bronson, The Alchemist & Oh No (aka Gangrene) Nearly Demolish Simon Rex's Rental Car in "Driving Gloves"

"I'm the epitome of all fly sh*t — jacket to the shoe sole / Two shooters, Flanagan, Caruso / Fly girl stuffed the drug in her caboose-o / "I see Bronson in the chartreuse coupe mo" / My eyes sparkle like a diva's mirror," charismatic sharp-tongued emcee Action Bronson effortlessly rhymes atop producer Tommy Mas' thumping James Bond-esque "Driving Gloves" beat; similar to a Jaylib-style double rapper-producer Underground Hip-Hop pairing, The Alchemist & Oh No are currently preparing to release their third full-length Gangrene album since initially forming back in 2007. "You Disgust Me begins where Vodka & Ayahuasca [2012] left off, with Al and Oh lyrically vandalizing the minds of the masses over gritty, Psychedelic Jazz, Rock, and Fusion-tinged beats," reads a recent Mass Appeal Records press release, which effectively describes Mas' brooding, Surfaris "Wipe Out"-leaning production work. Esteemed Hip-Hop music video and commercial director Jason Goldwatch described his recent work with Alchemist & Oh No as, "[we're] making songs for videos, instead of the other way around;" leading me to believe that "Driving Gloves" could just be the first of what could eventually become an album's-worth of videos to accompany You Disgust Me.

Goldwatch enlists his typically used techniques throughout "Driving Gloves'" treatment fish-eye lenses, over saturated film, tight camera angles, jarring action shots, high-speed chases, etc. It additionally co-stars Action Bronson cohort and Mickey Avalon affiliate Dirt Nasty aka ex-MTV VJ Simon Rex who plays "Gary, the whitest guy in town." Bronson, Alchemist & Oh No roll up onto Gary's Enterprise lot and forcefully heist... er, rent a 90's Dodge Neon and screech off the premise without Rex's consent. Jason Goldwatch seemingly mounted a few GoPro cams onto their Neon's dash and windshield as Oh No recklessly races down a narrow alleyway while Alchemist & Bronson rapidly rip and shred apart the car's interior and somehow, graffiti expletives across its exterior while still in motion. "Lumberjack rumble in the jungle / Live from the bungalow where I package a rap bundle / Straight funnel, sugar cakes, I'mma bumble / bee that'll sting you and flee without a rumble," Alchemist swiftly rhymes atop Tommy Mas' thumping percussion-led beat during his mid-song verse, metal bat in one hand and spray cans clenched in the other. "Doing speeds like I'm in a Maserati... but I'm really in a Mazda getting high with a hottie" Oh No raps as Gangrene roll back up onto Enterprise's lot with the now nearly demolished Dodge Neon and disappear off into the distance. Gangrene's all-star feature-heavy third album, You Disgust Me will be unleashed upon the terribly unsuspecting world this upcoming August 7th on Nas-owned Mass Appeal Records.

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