Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bob Ross' Nephew Singer-songwriter Morgan Cameron Ross Unveils "I Won't Live Until I Die" (JOYFUL ART Tutorial) with Bobby Bazini & Kevin Bacon's Nephew, Justin Nozuka Ahead of EP

"It feels really great to be putting out music for the same reason I got into music, in the first place. "I Won't Live Until I Die" is a dark tune, but so am I half the time I pick up a guitar," nephew to beloved 1980-90's PBS The Joy of Painting host Bob Ross and singer-songwriter Morgan Cameron Ross wrote within a statement recently sent directly to The Witzard. "I Won't Live Until I Die" was written along with Platinum-selling artist Bobby Bazini and additionally features Kevin Bacon's nephew, Justin Nozuka on background vocals. Ross filmed himself playing "I Won't Live Until I Die," sub-titled JOYFUL ART Tutorial, accompanied by a slightly tongue-in-cheek Bob Ross-esque hand-painted depiction of a snow-capped mountainous landscape "keeping with family tradition;" Moran Cameron Ross continues, "Before we get started, we're going to do a list of all the colour names below" as a list scrolling across the bottom of the screen reads: Handwoven Blue, Salmon Rushdie Red, Orwelian Lavender, Carlito's Way Silver... green. Morgan Cameron Ross has worked alongside countless "GRAMMY winners, Platinum-selling artists, successes, failures, talented and non," although, he recently scored his own Top 10 Billboard hit with his Toronto-based Indie Folk-Pop band, Bellwoods a couple years ago and asks: "so why put out my own dark and melancholy music?" noting that he ran his own University radio station throughout college and draws inspiration from everything from old Folk music to political Punk tunes, Ryan Adams, The Shins, Neil Young, The Weakerthans, and coffee. Ross recently uploaded accompanying Soundcloud audio, as well as a sparse single-shot music video filmed in Joshua Tree for an acoustic version of "I Won't Live Until I Die." Morgan Cameron Ross tells me he's currently readying a new EP, which he plans to release in either April or May.

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