Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Canadian Indie Rockers The Alpacas Return with First Single Since 2016's The Best Is Behind You, "Find The Coast" (Willow Music)

Last we heard from Barrie, Ontario, Canada-bred Indie Rock/Pop-Punks The Alpacas, they were readying their full-length debut, The Best Is Behind You, for release on Willow Music nearly three years ago. It has since birthed three digital singles: "Wax," "Cab Fare," and "Artifacts," as well as music videos for both "Wax" and "Cab Fare." Prior to the album release and roll-out—August 2015, to be exact—a music video and single were released to accompany album track "Mezzanine." Now, The Alpacas are back with their first taste of new music since The Best Is Behind You; "Find The Coast" was released across digital streaming services Friday, June 22nd. "Big thanks to Nick Boyd [Hollerado] for co-writing, engineering, and producing this banger! Another big thanks to Lacquer Channel Mastering and Noah Mintz for the fantastic mastering job!" The Alpacas enthusiastically posted on their Facebook page Friday afternoon. "Find The Coast" is a little bit more Death Cab for Cutie-indebted than The Alpacas' slightly more Indie Rock/Pop-Punk-leaning material from The Best Is Behind You. According to The Alpacas, "Find The Coast" is just the first in a series of planned singles to be released in the near future. For those interested in learning more about The Alpacas and The Best Is Behind You, I would strongly recommend checking out The Witzard's 2016 interview with "screamin' wildcat" frontman Greg Lee. "Find The Coast" is now available to stream or download on Apple Music, Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube Music, and like-minded digital platforms.

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