Wednesday, July 18, 2018

SaIGO & 'i's Let Loose First Official Mugwampers EP 717 (Part I) & Joe Eaton-directed "The Word of God Is Recycled" [self-released EP 1/3]

Mugwampers are a Hip-Hop crew, collective, art-house, etc. hailing from Livingston, Scotland consisting of founding members, emcee SaIGO and producer 'i's. Over the course of the last few months, Mugwampers have unleashed a collection of "warm-up" projects, including 'i's and feature-filled .and then there was flowers and SaIGO's 'i's-produced spoken word project, ANOTHER TIME MAYBE . . Now, Mugwampers have returned with their first official long-form project, 717 (Part I.) A sprawling 5-track EP with sonic benchmarks and Bandcamp tags ranging from Electronic to Hip-Hop/Rap, Metal to Spoken Word, Abstract Hip-Hop to Ambient, Plunderphonics to Screamo. 717 EP1 is the first in a series of three planned EP's Mugwampers have recently recorded, which will each focus on various styles and sub-genres of Hip-Hop. Ahead of 717 (Part I) SaIGO & 'i's unleashed a music video for EP closer, "The Word of God Is Recycled" directed by Joe Eaton (@joeeverse) who, along with SaIGO, created the artwork for Mugwampers' debut EP. 'i's & SaIGO's 717(1) EP is currently available to stream or purchase from Mugwampers' Bandcamp page on a Name-Your-Price basis. I'll just say this: trust me, you're gonna wanna stay tuned because SaIGO, 'i's, and their ever-growing Mugwampers crew have a slew of releases and collaborative projects planned for the remained of 2018. Ch-check out The Witzard's EXCLUSIVE interview with both 'i's & SaIGO about all things Mugwampers, Scottish Hip-Hop, and, of course, "Denial-ridden Ambition."

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