Monday, October 29, 2018

MANIKINETER Mastermind Carl Kavorkian Curates Ghoulish 22-track "Halloween Playlist for" (Exclusive Spotify Mix)

"Hey Carl! So, I was cooking pierogies earlier and made this little mix of your music as MANIKINETER on Spotify. And I was wondering, if you might be interested in making a mix for The Witzard? Maybe, Halloween-themed/tinged and we can include some (or all) of your music as MANIKINETER, as well..." read part of a recent email I sent to Carl Kavorkian a couple weeks ago. The Witzard regulars may, in fact, recognize Kavorkian's name from his recent musical re-birth as Noise Rap behemoth MANIKINETER. He's self-released a staggering three EP's—Mannequin Eater, Missing & Not As They Do—in just two short years, all while fine-tuning his frantic one-man live show. So, lo and behold, now, a matter of weeks later, Carl Kavorkian has hand-selected 22 seasonally-appropriate festive favorites, as part of his exclusive Halloween Playlist for Carl's Halloween mix includes ghoulish selections from everyone from Gravediggaz to George Clinton-led Parliament, TV On The Radio to Mr. Len & Jean Grae, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza to Portishead, and much, much more. However, I'll just let Carl Kavorkian's Halloween Playlist for speak for itself. MANIKINETER's first 3 EP's are now available on Bandcamp through Cult Member Music. Also, keep an ear out for Carl Kavorkian's full-length debut as MANIKINETER expected later this year or early next year.

01. Pig Destroyer - "Jennifer" (Remix) from Prowler In The Yard (Deluxe Re-issue) / 2015

02. Gravediggaz - "Repentance Day" from The Pick, The Sickle & The Shovel (1997)

03. Fantomas - "The Omen (Ave Satan)" from The Director's Cut (2001)

04. Screamin' Jay Hawkins - "I Hear Voices" from I Hear Voices (2005)

05. MELANIN FREE - "outside" from MF3 (2018)

06. Pure Hell - "The Girl with The Hungry Eyes" from Noise Addiction (2010)

07. Witchdoctor - "The Ritual" from A S.W.A.T. Healin' Ritual (1997)

08. Parliament - "Dr. Funkenstein" from Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (1976)

09. Moor Mother & Mental Jewelry - "Death Booming" from Moor X Jewelry: Crime Waves EP (2017)

10. Daughters - "And Then The C.H.U.D.S. Came" from Canada Songs (2003)

11. Cage - "Holdin' a Jar 2" from Movies for The Blind (2002)

12. TV On The Radio - "Wolf Like Me" from Return to Cookie Mountain (2006)

13. MANIKINETER - "Meet & Greet" from Not As They Do EP (2018)

14. The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - "Death Eater" from Danza IIII: The Alpha - The Omega (2012)

15. Mr. Len & Jean Grae - "Taco Day" from Pity The Fool (2001)

16. Sour Spirit - "Flesh Off My Palms" from INTENT: Experimental Music In Solidarity with Baltimore Protesters (2015)

17. Buckethead - "The Hand" Feat. Maximum Bob & Ani Maldjian from Enter: The Chicken (2005)

18. Portishead - "Hunter" from Third (2008)

19. Dr. Dooom AKA Kool Keith - "Run for Your Life" Feat. Fathed from Dr. Dooom 2 (2008)

20. Psyopus - "Insects" from Our Puzzling Encounters Considered (2007)

21. Dreamcrusher - "Cathedral of Moths" from Incinerator EP (2013)

22. Pig Destroyer - "Natasha" from Natasha 12-inch/EP (2008)

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