Friday, October 19, 2018

The Witzard Premiere: 80HRTZ's The Misfits "ASTRO ZOMBIES" Remix Feat. DJ Halo On "The Wheels of Steel" (@80HRTZ & @HALO203)

Dennis "80HRTZ" Faria is a musician, beat-maker, producer, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Fall River, Massachusetts. 80HRTZ has been playing with local Southeastern Mass area bands since about 1995; from '95 to around 2004, Faria played bass with a variety of bands including, a 7-piece Hip-Hop crew called Nyhilistx and female-fronted Rock band, Eryss. Since halting his career as a bassist around about 2004 due to severe carpal tunnel, 80HRTZ has largely focused on making music by himself from behind his computer. 80 has either produced or contributed to Portland, Maine emcee BRZOWSKI's New England Gothic, General Surgery, Blooddrive Vol. 1, 2017's ENMITYVILLE, and most recently, his DIG 2 GRAVES split with MC Homeless. Dennis Faria was part of The Witzard's comprehensive Round Robin-style interview in support of BRZOWSKI & MC Homeless' collaborative split, DIG 2 GRAVES on I Had An Accident/Milled Pavement Records. 80HRTZ has hand-crafted neck-snapping remixes for the likes of Ghostface Killah, EPIC BEARD MEN's B.Dolan, and SHREDDERS AKA Lazerbeak, SIMS, Paper Tiger & P.O.S. over the years. I'm told, he's currently working on a full-length with New Bedford, Massachusetts-based emcee Purge, as well as a Hip-Hop remix of Dead Kennedys' 1979 7-inch single, "California Über Alles."

We're proud to present, today, here at The Witzard, 80HRTZ's Hip-Hop-leaning remix of "ASTRO ZOMBIES" from Horror Punk pioneers The Misfits' 1982 debut, Walk Among Us. 80HRTZ, actually, stumbled upon frontman Glenn Danzig's acapella from Guitar Hero 5 while searching for unique acapellas on YouTube recently. "I have been a fan of The Misfits since I was 12-years-old. They were very popular amongst the skateboarders in the 1980's. So, when I saw it, a light bulb immediately went on in my head! I thought, "I've never heard anyone do a Hip-Hop-style remix of a classic Punk Rock song like this,'" 80HRTZ told The Witzard. Honestly, I share a very similar sentiment, as The Misfits were one of the first bands I cut my teeth on during my earliest exploration of Punk/Hardcore as an angsty, pimply 15-year-old. After running into a few sonic speed bumps, such as lining up drums, slowing down the tempo, punching in F-bombs, and recording precision bass lines, 80HRTZ recruited frequent collaborator DJ Halo. "When the idea of having a DJ on the "ASTRO ZOMBIES" remix struck me, it was only natural to ask if this might interest him. I sent him the track and I'm pretty much sure, he was on board instantly," 80HRTZ exclaimed. The Misfits' current frontman Jerry Only recently reunited with founding members Glenn Danzig & Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein for the first time in 33 years as "The Original Misfits" and embarked on a string of select tour dates through 2016-17.

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