Tuesday, October 9, 2018

UncleRussie Presents: Bulma3 & TrunksEP2 [Album Preview] Featuring Benjamin Banger, Action Bastard, Malcolm Maximillion & eu-IV

Just about a year ago, John "Jumbled" Bachman helped link me up with a fellow Baltimore-based producer buddy of his, Timothy "Tim" Chester AKA UncleRussie (@PeaceRussie.) Right around the time Tim. & I first met, he was preparing to release his next project, Trunks EP. which was a 14-track audiophonic examination of Trunks Brief - Past, Present, & Future(?) from Dragon Ball Z. Now, while I'll readily admit, I'm far from a die-hard Dragon Ball Z fan, it's been pretty interesting to learn about the series through a medium I'm extremely familiar with: Hip-Hop! For Trunks EP. UncleRussie recruited a who's-who of The East Coast/Baltimore's finest emcees, singers, and producers to help convey his vision, such as: Benjamin Banger, Dot-Com Intelligence, Swellthy, Action Bastard, TEK.LUN, ONLY, Jumbled, and Drew Scott. Many of you may recognize UncleRussie's name from his submission(s) to The Witzard's Andy Cooper "THE PERFECT DEFINITION" Remix Comp.Tim. actually, sent in TWO "Perfect Definition" remixes!—earlier this year, on the heels of Rocafort Records' the layered effect. Now, UncleRussie has effectively returned with a 12-track preview of his next, not one, but two projects: Bulma3 & TrunksEP2 [Album Preview], which will both be released this Fall/Winter.

Bulma3 & TrunksEP2 will each feature roughly 13-15 tracks each, maybe, more depending on each album's final sequences; UncleRussie has, again, recruited a who's-who of featured producers for the releases, including (so far) Benjamin Banger, Action Bastard, Malcolm Maximillion, and eu-IV, as well as addition still-to-be-determined guests. "The [Album Preview] for Bulma3 & TrunksEP2 lends itself as a snapshot of what both albums will sound like; different timelines and scenarios from the Dragon Ball series will be highlighted throughout," UncleRussie charismatically explained to The Witzard. "Though, Bulma3 will attempt to shine a light on the different periods in which Bulma, the character and primary inspiration of The Bulma Tape project, has adapted throughout the series," he continued. It's safe to say, Russie. has inadvertently created his own unique sub-genre of Hip-Hop, which I would even go as far as to label "Dragon Ball Hip-Hop" or "Anime Rap." UncleRussie's Bulma3 & TrunksEP2 [Album Preview] is now streaming on Soundcloud and both albums should be expected before year's end. Also, as a BONUS, I've included UncleRussie's Kanye West Feat. Mos Def & Freeway | "Two Words" | (Bulma2 Mix) below, which blends together The College Dropout stand-out and "The Cracked Seal." from The Bulma Tape: Side B.

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