Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp: Passion Pit - "Constant Conversations" (Juicy J Remix)

I met up my older cuz Josh and his girlfriend Jessie @ Philly's outdoor amphitheater, The Mann Center for a Passion Pit show back in June 2010, backed by Tokyo Police Club/BRAHMS. It was the tour that took place between albums #1-2, Manners and Gossamer, which I still haven't heard a whole lot of... Chunk of Change EP (2008) was supposed to be a surprise Valentine's Day CD-R, but I remember when Kanye posted "Cuddle Fuddle" to his now-defunct blog. Manners was chock-full of Michael Angelakos' high-pitched wail and Electonica-soaked Pop sensibilities. It managed to spawn a number of memorable hits including: "Sleepyhead," "Little Secrets," "To Kingdom Come," The Reeling" and remixes for everyone from Katy Perry to Beastie Boys.

"Yes, Juicy J rapped on "Constant." And it does make sense because it's fucking awesome," Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos Tweeted late Thursday afternoon. Stoner Rap pioneer and labelmate Juicy J was supposed to appear @ a recent Madison Square Garden, but an impending blizzard thwarted that one as revealed through a liberated voicemail fragment. "Constant Conversations" has now been morphed into a slightly more street-smart tale about a twisted, ill-fated relationship with a conniving woman who's "body classic like John Wayne and her pussy hit hard like Ron Artest." Then Passion Pit proceed to get all White-Soul and finish out the track as it plays out on Gossamer, which is conveniently available for purchase/download now. Juicy J's third solo album, Stay Trippy is tentatively slated for an April 2013 release and it should feature singles "One of Those Nights" with The Weeknd and "Bandz a Make Her Dance."

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