Sunday, February 3, 2013

next level rappin': Antwon - "Still Guarded" (Greedhead Valentine?)

Antwon is a rare breed of genre-blending rapper, even in this diverse Internet Age; The San Jose-based emcee "cut his teeth" playing bass in a number of East/West Coast Hardcore bands throughout the early 2000's. Antwon's currently gearing up to release his fourth independent project since 2011, In Dark Denim - which is the proper follow-up to last year's critically-acclaimed END OF EARTH and his first mixtape assembled along with Greedhead (Heems') creative backing. Track #11 of 11, "Still Guarded" was unleashed post-Hump Day, just in time for your rowdy weekend festivities and roughly 2 weeks a head of In Dark Denim's slated Valentine's Day [Feb. 14th] release. Antwon properly laces up a hazy Chillwave/Cloud Rap-tinged Cities Aviv-produced beat, which ends up sounding like a glitched out Biggie impersonation.

While it doesn't even last 2 minutes, director Romoface (Uncle Dee) somehow manages to make "Still Guarded" look like a low-budget snuff film: bikini-clad cat/women, porcelain bowls full of milk, abstract kitty art, general weirdness, hard-hitting Hip-Hop beats, etc. I just downloaded nearly Antwon's ENTIRE discography over @ Bandcamp/Soundcloud... COCAINE & HENNESSY EP, END OF EARTH, END OF EARTH (REMIXZ), END OF EARTH // Pre-album Tracks, FANTASY BEDS, My Westside Horizon, and what I'm calling "Soundcloud CD-R *." It's almost fucked up to simply label music this progressive Hip-Hop, which Bandcamp tags as next level rappin' ha; Whatever it is, go do yourself a favor and download Antwon's albums before the Hipster sleaze get(s) a hold of 'em!

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