Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Look How Strange I Get: ANTWON & Froskees - "3rd World Grrl" (Crank Yankers, 2013)

ANTWON's beat-making buddies usually seem to conjure up some pretty emotionally-driven, hard-hitting borderline "Industrial-Rap" rhythms; But every once in a while, Nature Boy Gang'll unleash a couple sun-soaked 90's New Jack Swing-reminiscent jams like "Darby Crash" (stacy Remix), "LIVING EVERY DREAM," and now "3rd World Grrl." Since being re-released late Tuesday afternoon, the latter is currently serving as ANTWON's second IN DARK DENIM (Greedhead) video-single... now has a hilarious [companion] puppet-assisted Live Circus & Alessio Avezzano-produced/directed clip to go along with it. Built around dimly-lit scenes of ANTWON rapping straight into Avezzano's camera, which are then juxtaposed against his puppet counterpart living his every sex, drugs & Rock "N" Roll-fueled fantasy surrounded by an entourage full of beautiful hunnies. ANTWON, channeling Rico Suave, smoothly raps during "3rd World Grrl"'s final minutes: "Third world girl, I want you in my world. I'll touch you wherever just to make your toes curl. You my third world girl, diamond and the pearls..." His latest 11-track mixtape, IN DARK DENIM, is now available for download over @ FADER/Mediafire, presented by Greedhead.

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