Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Baddest Man Alive: Patrick Carney Plans "Bieber In Space" Concert? (Twitter TROLLING)

It's already been about 2 weeks since The Grammys aired, by the festive beef/drama is surely still going on. Early last week, a TMZ reporter asked Patrick Carney, whose band The Black Keys nabbed 4 Grammy awards, why he thought the academy didn't nominate Justin Bieber for an awards... to which Carney replied, "He's rich, right? I mean, I don't know. Grammys are like, for music, not for money and he's making a lot of money. I don't know - he should be happy, I guess." That's a pretty tame, politically correct response, but Bieber soon Tweeted "the black keys drummer should be slapped around haha." Patrick Carney quickly retaliated by changing his Twitter handle to "Justin Bieber" last weekend [Feb. 15-17th]. Tweeting @ terribly mis-led fans, harboring harsh responses, and ultimately Rick-Rolling unsuspecting Bieber fans with a NEW WORLD PREMIER, which actually ended up being "Recombo DNA" (1977). When he's not busy PWNING 18-year-old singers, Patrick Carney has been holed up down in Nashville with bandmate Dan Auerbach, writing-recording the next Black Keys album; Danger Mouse is expected to co-produce the record, which could be completed as soon as March and it'll hopefully see a Summer 2013 release.

#TwitterNewsBreak: Patrick Carney briefly re-assumed his "Justin Bieber" cyber-identity this past weekend as the Canadian Popstar's Twitter feed was coincidentally hacked and 17,000+ Tweets were temporarily deleted. But The Biebs graciously left Carney one tasty little nugget, ripe for TROLLING [fucking with] before checking out Saturday night, "I wanna do a concert in space" lol ha ROTFL jk. I randomly stumbled upon @patrickcarney's stream of Bieber-fied Tweets last night as I was surfing the web and this shit right here is comedy gold, my friends! With that said, here are a few of the best/worst, SWAGGY, hilarious, and downright pathetic Patrick Carney/Bieber clone Tweets from the past 24-36 hours:

"The rings on Saturn remind me of my really super cool rings I wear on my finger[s] lol! that someone convinced me to waste my money on YOLO," "I am in space doing a concert and my Twitter stopped working so I had to use my former clone's lol #yolo," "If there is life on other planets I bet they would think it was cool a computer helps me sing. If not they would like my necklace I bet," "I can see the whole Earth lol! It's all green and blue and sorta grey with some brown and white, it kinda dope! Swag."

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