Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Return of The Thin White Duke: David Bowie & Tony Visconti - "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)"

David Bowie quietly unleashed "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" late Monday night; It's the second pre-release single from his long-awaited/rumored album - The Next Day, which is slated for a world-wide release this upcoming March 8-15th. Bowie has been largely in-active for the bulk of the past 10-12 years... recording with TV on The Radio/Scarlett Johansson, morphed into a fashion icon, re-interpreted in Portuguese for The Life Aquatic, hanging out with Snoop Dogg and Alicia Keys, just growing old gracefully, etc. Producer-bassist Tony Visconti recently called The Next Day "quite a Rock album" that was secretly recorded between 2010-12 with Earl Slick, Gail Ann Dorsey, Sterling Campbell, Zachary Alford, guitarists Gerry Leonard/David Torn, Tony Levin, and saxophonist Steve Elson.

Italian film-maker Floria Sigismondi directed "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)"'s companion music video, which co-stars actress Tilda Swinton as David Bowie's middle-aged wife alongside [androgynous] Saskia de Brauw and Andrej Pejic. The Thin White Duke's somehow managed to flip the whole concept of celebrity on it's head by seemingly juxtaposing an average American couple against a forceful, slightly stalker-ish famous couple that just won't quit. Musically, the track's vaguely reminiscent of Young Americans (1975) and tender Rockers like "Rebel Rebel," "Suffragette City," and even "I'm Afraid of Americans." Columbia Records will pair singles "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)/Where Are We Now?" will be released as a LIMITED EDITION 45 for Record Store Day (April 20th).

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