Monday, February 18, 2013

Re-used Jackson/Harrison 4032: Phoenix - "Entertainment" (Alternative Thriller?)

Phoenix somehow managed to get their hands on what most music fans and audiophiles would consider damn-near "The Holy Grail" of modern recording equipment: Michael Jackson's infamous Harrison 4032 recording console, which was used to make Thriller! Guitarist Laurent Brancowitz found the console included within a surprisingly no frills auction and eventually haggled it's owner, Clayton Rose down to a fair $17,000 [from $32,000 asking price]. Frontman Thomas Mars immediately had Rose ship Jackson's Ping-Pong table-sized Harrison 4032 across the pond and over to Paris so that Phoenix could begin mixing their new album, Alternative Thriller Bankrupt! Last week, the band unveiled the companion "just peachy" cover artwork, 10-song tracklist, and a world-wide release date -- April 22-23rd. DJ Zane Lowe debuted Track #1, "Entertainment" on his BBC Radio show Monday afternoon, which was then followed by a home-made YouTube lyric video soon thereafter. It sounds like a nice, gradual progression from [fourth album] Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009) that's fresh and different enough to be something NEW; "Entertainment" seamlessly manages to meld together elements of Synth-Pop, New Wave, Rock "N" Roll, R&B, Arena Rock, EDM, and traditional Chinese music, etc.

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