Wednesday, July 17, 2013

El-P & Killer Mike Present: Run The Jewels - "36" Chain" (Fool's Gold, Buddy Cop Flick?)

While it might not be the "strongest" track or optimal single contender, El-P & Killer Mike have unveiled a proper music video for "36" Chain," which is somehow the first video-single from Run The Jewels (out since June 25th). It's basically a Hip-Hop-friendly version of The Raid: Redemption that oddly enough, co-stars Andrew W.K. Amber Tamblyn, Heems, Despot, and Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire. In a preview that could [hopefully] foreshadow a possible "buddy cop movie" or reality TV show, "36" Chain" follows Run The Jewels re-cast as 2 vigilante enforcement officers out on a mission to rescue their kidnapped, cracked out, and eye-patched squirrel buddy, Mr. Killums.

Preceded that morning by what you could kinda call a DVD extra, Killer Mike was also featured on a Black Noi$e-crafted Unknown Mortal Orchestra remix along with Mr. MFN eXquire; "So Good at Being In Trouble" now houses 2 appended, hard-hitting verses that effectively transform the Portland/New Zealand band's Indie-Pop jam into a certified BANGER! But anyways... "36" Chain" is an action-packed mini-movie that was directed by Tim Saccenti; The track's video description describes it as "equal parts Charles Bronson in Deathwish and LL Cool J circa "I'm Bad," as El and Mike brutally (and questionably) fight to rescue their furry, demented companion. [It's a] heartwarming tale of friendship, family values and redemption." Saccenti regrettably re-hired El-P's old puppet friend, Mr. Killums, who previously worked with the rapper-director team on modern-day masterpiece "The Full Retard." Run The Jewels, quite arguably already the best album of 2013 (so far), is now available for FREE download or in a number of awesome Fool's Gold 2xLP/CD/T-shirt/herb grinder combo packages.

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