Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thirdworlds Presents: Zach Hill & Death Grips - "Handcuffs" (hushed aug13?)

Death Grips have remained virtually silent and largely inactive for a few months, until deathgrippin uploaded a mysterious YouTube video over the weekend; Zach Hill ferociously drumming for 10+ minutes, sometimes filmed in hyper-speed, all the while being handcuffed! It was recorded during band rehearsal just the other day (07/05/13) and captures what seems to be a fragmented portion of Death Grips' blistering Proto-Rap live set. Hill unexpectedly bailed on a recent European tour, remaining in the states to actively work on an untitled film that he's writing and directing... Death Grips are planning to soundtrack the adventurous film, while they're simultaneously recording a new album. It's a little hard to follow and the band's work is always cloaked in mystery, but it's worth noting that @deathgrippin's Twitter handle is currently co-named "hushed aug13." The Witzard Conspiracy Theory: Death Grips are planning to unleash either Zach Hill's feature film, an album, or soundtrack on Tuesday, August 13th.

I'm almost willing to bet that mixed in amongst the jumbled mess that is "Handcuffs," there's some new, previously unreleased Death Grips material, too. But in any event, Death Grips' impending material will be their first real work since parting ways with short-lived label Epic Records, self-releasing their second album, NO LOVE DEEP WEB, and reuniting with founding member Andy "Flatlander" Morin. Pitchfork reports that Death Grips have somewhat surprisingly decided to enter a brand new label-like venture with Harvest/Capitol to be distributed by Caroline Records (The Misfits). The band's new label imprint is called Thirdworlds, forged over what they're calling a "very unique relationship" with the hit-making record labels, and their new LP is tentatively slated for a 2014 release. "The band has also confirmed that they've [somehow] managed to retain the rights to NO LOVE DEEP WEB" from former label-gone-bad, Epic Records.

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