Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's a Long Way to The Top: Hanni el Khatib - "Pay No Mind" (Simon Cahn)

While attempting to create a polar "opposite of Rock "N" Roll"-rooted music video, French director Simon Cahn arguably created the most Hip-Hop-inspired Rock video since "Walk This Way" (1986). "Pay No Mind" is the third single pulled from Rock "N" Roll revivalists Hanni el Khatib's most recent album, Head In The Dirt; Recorded down in Nashville at Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach's backyard studio, Easy Eye Sound, the album has already birthed 2 gritty singles: "Family," "Penny," and 9 additional down and dirty Garage Rock jams. The NOWNESS premiered clip starts out with the cheerleading team passionately air drumming and singing along with "Family" in what looks like a late night car ride, which then segues into the absolute romper of a simplistic music video.

Now, we're talking' about 6 scantily-clad HEK cheerleaders performing a rough-edged choreographed dance routine along with "Pay No Mind," which Cahn filmed in an empty body shop/garage and on a dimly-lit side street. Hanni el Khatib himself makes a quick cameo appearance about mid-way through to deliver an ear-piercing guitar solo, amidst the sultry video girls "who look like they came from a Juicy J video," as Passion of The Weiss appropriately pointed out. Head In The Dirt is now available on Auerbach's Nonesuch Records Innovative Leisure... It's an abso-FUCKING-lute scorcher of a bare-bones Rock "N" Roll and if you haven't picked it up by now, maybe you should re-evaluate certain aspects of your life!

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