Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to Piss In Public: FIDLAR - "Cocaine" (Nick Offerman's "swan, son")

It's pretty damn awesome and utterly ridiculous that a respected online news magazine like The Hollywood Reporter seriously tried to interview FIDLAR bassist Brandon Schwartzel about Nick Offerman's dick! FIDLAR recorded a righteous Skate Punk-infused cover of traditional standard "Cocaine [Blues]" for their self-titled full-length and somehow managed to recruit Offerman for the Ryan Baxley-directed video, which was unleashed 2 Fridays ago. Sounds like the Parks & Rec actor (Ron Swanson) is a family friend of Max & Elvis Kuehn's dad, Greg, a founding member of Long Beach Punk legends T.S.O.L.: "[Greg]'s played music for a long time with Nick's wife Megan Mullally -- she does music when she's not acting. Nick would do these comedy shows every now and then, and play music -- Elvis played with him a few times. Elvis played him some stuff, and we always were hinting, "Oh man, it would be awesome if you did a FIDLAR video!""

While it's still pretty NSFW, Schwartzel re-affirms what I kinda already assumed... Nick Offerman used a $2,000 prosthetic penis for the "Cocaine" video shoot (cause no one really has THAT much accuracy and control!). Here, "Ron Swanson" plays an average Joe who abruptly gets fired via text, buys a few 40's of Mickey's, and proceeds to go ape-shit across Los Angeles. FIDLAR are nowhere to be found, which is probably a good thing because Nick Offerman feverishly pisses on everything from Nicolas Cage's Hollywood Star to terribly unsuspecting passers-by. FIDLAR are planning to re-release "Awkward," an older track that previously featured UK songstress Kate Nash, on Wichita Recordings this upcoming Thursday, September 8th.

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