Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fairies Wear Boots: Ghost B.C. - "Monstrance Clock" (Infestissumam)

Once you get past the deeply religious/Satanic imagery, 5 Nameless Ghouls, and dark brooding undertones, Ghost [B.C.] are a damn good Heavy Metal/Rock band; However, I'd personally liken them more to formative Heavy Metal bands like Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, etc. despite repeated allusions to the occult. Ghost are fronted by a mysterious Pope-like figurehead who goes by "Papa Emeritus II" (formerly Papa Emeritus) and he's usually flanked on-stage by 5 cloaked Nameless Ghouls, which each represent the five elements: fire, water, wind, Earth, and ether. Filmed by Rob Semmer at 2 recent Los Angeles and New York-based gigs, the band's new video "Monstrance Clock" is pretty much your standard Rock "N" Roll performance clip. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to catch the tail-end of the Swedes' blistering set at Metallica's first annual Orion Music + More Festival last summer... It's the last track on Ghost's recently-released second album, Infestissumam (Loma Vista). While we're at it, does anybody else think Papa Emeritus II kinda sounds like Michael Stipe from now-defunct 90's Alternative Rock band, R.E.M.!?

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